brand new score for an animation by Alessia Stranieri with 3D work by Sasha Vergolini, exhibited at LCC in November,

Train of Thought: sound for a therapeutic virtual reality project by Olly Crawford

Yellow mountain: animation by Benjamin Lemoine

Promo for competition. The brief was to score the video using foley from the video. A collaboration with Lauren Zeitoun (production), Leo Dawson (editing) and Picnic Studio (animation).

A pub quiz soundtrack based on a medieval game show 

For compilation making made-up jingles into tunes - all on a phone


Hedgehog seasaw championships – animation by Joe Melhuish for Wonderbly

Package holiday hippos – animation by Joseph Melhuish

Titles for a hypothetical documentary series by Rebeca

Wonderbly educational blog video – video by Joseph Melhuish

a brand new collaboration with abstract comic artist Miranda Smart! The music is an accompaniment to the panels, guiding the reader through this sequential love story. Pressed to a clear 7' dubplate, and exhibited with the comic at ELCAF festival in London. 

You can listen and try it out for yourself below.