brand new score for an animation by Alessia Stranieri with 3D work by Sasha Vergolini, exhibited at LCC in November,

little Christmas jazzy wine tune for Cabriz Wine, animated by Damnworks

foley and mix for this incredible animation by Olly Crawford & Henry Willis

Train of Thought: sound for a therapeutic virtual reality project by Olly Crawford

Yellow mountain: animation by Benjamin Lemoine

Promo for competition. The brief was to score the video using foley from the video. A collaboration with Lauren Zeitoun (production), Leo Dawson (editing) and Picnic Studio (animation).

A pub quiz soundtrack based on a medieval game show 

For compilation making made-up jingles into tunes - all on a phone


Hedgehog seasaw championships – animation by Joe Melhuish for Wonderbly

Package holiday hippos – animation by Joseph Melhuish

Titles for a hypothetical documentary series by Rebeca

Wonderbly educational blog video – video by Joseph Melhuish

a brand new collaboration with abstract comic artist Miranda Smart! The music is an accompaniment to the panels, guiding the reader through this sequential love story. Pressed to a clear 7' dubplate, and exhibited with the comic at ELCAF festival in London. 

You can listen and try it out for yourself below.